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Bright Smart Pen - Great 3-in-1 Multi-tasker ballpoint is an LED flashlight, stylus and smooth writing black ink pen all in one.
Bright Smart Pen
List Price: $9.99
Our Price: $9.99

Bright Smart Pen

Great 3-in-1 Multi-tasker ballpoint quickly changes from function to function. The pull off cap has a stylus with advanced connectivity for all touch screen devices. The barrel of the pen has a bright, powerful, push-to-activate LED Flashlight that is easy to use on one end with black smooth writing ink on the other.

Pack of 1 pen - individually cellophane wrapped.

Auto Sales Link - CRM Entry Book - Get prospects contact information entered into the CRM system.
CRM Entry Book
Our Price: $100.00

Do you want your salespeople to get contact, vehicle, and trade information on EVERY lead?

As technology advances, certain parts of the sales process are being lost. We help provide a LINK between initial prospect contact and the management team as well as the dealership CRM system. As your sales staff makes contact with prospects, make sure they have the tools to capture valuable information and then get that information to the management and also entered into the CRM system.

The CRM Entry Book easily fits in your hand or pocket and are only $5.00 per notebook when you buy a case. These notepads contain triplicate carbonless forms where the salesperson can write down information for 25 prospects. Contact info, desired vehicle and trade info can all be listed here as well as space for additional notes. Once the salesperson has attained the prospects information they can pull the pink and yellow sheets, one for the sales manager and one for CRM input leaving the white sheet for their own follow-up. These CRM Entry Books are designed to last the average salesperson two weeks. The average salesperson should use two of these per month. The entry books come twenty to a case or you can buy a single entry book for only $7.00. One case of 20 should handle a dealership with ten salespeople for one month.

LINK your sales team, management team and CRM system together to create an environment where EVERY lead will get EVERY opportunity to be turned into a sale!

One Case - 20 Entry Books - $100 (only $5 per book)
or a single Entry Book only $7.00

If you are a Sales Manager and would like to TRY ONE FOR FREE give us a call at 501-794-2700.
We are confident that once you implement our Entry Books you will see an INCREASE IN SALES!